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Illogical Evolushun


a porpoise plus a gar makes a whitefin dolphin

a parrot plus a raptor makes a khaan

a deer plus a rhino makes a synthetoceras

an eel plus and angler fish makes a viper fish

a gar plus an alligator makes an alligator gar

a beaver plus a rat makes a muskrat

a rabbit plus a monkey makes a viscacha

a turtle plus a garlic bulb makes a bulbasaur

a pony plus a phoenix bird makes a ponyta

a plesiosaurs plus a sea turtle makes a lapras

a greenland shark plus a snake makes a frill shark

(in honor of shark week)

a sand shark plus a piranha makes a cookie cutter shark

(in honor or shark week)

a dusky shark plus mike wazowski makes a cyclops shark

(in honor of sharkweek)

a bull shark plus a pelican makes a basking shark

(in honor of shark week)

a nurse shark plus a chainsaw makes a saw shark

(in honor of shark week)